Why should I participate?

What are the possible benefits of taking part? 

The main benefits of taking part in this study relate to the project outputs and impacts.  By sharing your experiences of lockdown you will inform recommendations for liveable housing design and related policy that could have medium to long-term benefits for households. In the short-medium term, you will be invited to join the At Home with Children social media community. Here you will find ideas, tactics and spatial changes that other families have found helpful at home. These ideas could potentially benefit your own household, by helping to make your own home more liveable.

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What are the possible disadvantages and risks of taking part? 

There are minimal risks and disadvantages in taking part. The primary risk for participants is possible discomfort occurring from the use of a computer for the interview[RP1] . In order to alleviate this risk we will make sure that the interview is around one hour maximum and that you are fully aware that you can terminate the interview at any time. 

Regarding your data, the research team follows all the Newcastle and Dundee Universities procedures diligently to ensure your anonymity and protect your privacy (More on how we handle your data Click Here)

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