Phase 1A - Photographs

For phase 1A we are inviting you to share your Home hacks! We would like photographs which show the different ways in which you have used or changed your own home during the pandemic (workstations, home-schooling, play areas etc.). This phase is open to all residents of the UK.

Have you:

  • Re-imagined your home?
  • Changed the use of an existing room/space?
  • Decorated an existing room?
  • Rearranged or added new furniture/furnishings?
  • Built or removed internal walls?
  • Built your own furniture?
  • Extended an existing building?
  • Built a garden room (e.g. home office, workshop etc.)?
  • Built or installed an outdoor structure (e.g. deck, canopy, play equipment etc.)?
  • Engaged in a home-project with the family for fun?
if yes, please share any 'home hacks' and adjustments you made in the home to help meet the challenges of lockdown.


You can share your pictures:

1) In our Facebook group (Click here)


2) Using the form in this website (Click Here)


Please do not include people in the photographs.

Your pictures may be shared anonymously on the project's social media pages.

Please note: The pictures you upload to the Facebook group will be visible to the rest of the group's members. 


For more information on how we handle your data Click Here